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  • DIGITAL VERTICAL GAGUE ø 70 1/4" 0-480 BAR

    DIGITAL VERTICAL GAGUE ø 70 1/4" 0-480 BAR

    Vertical digital gauge with possibility of selecting the pressure unit from a wide range.

    251,90 €

  • High-pressure cleaner cold water 150 bar

    High-pressure cleaner cold water 150 bar

    Washer is semi-professional. Type: Cold Water. Pressure: 150 Bar. Flow Rate L/Min: 9. Engine: Electric. Power: 3.5 Hp.  

    598,00 €

  • High-pressure cleaner hot water 200 bar

    High-pressure cleaner hot water 200 bar

    High-pressure cleaner professional. Type: Hot Water. Pressure: 200 Bar. Flow Rate L/Min: 15. Engine: Electric. Engine power: 7.5 Hp.  

    2 995,00 €

  • High-pressure cleaner cold water 200 bar

    High-pressure cleaner cold water 200 bar

    High-pressure cleaner professional. High pressure pump industrial. Type: Cold Water. Pressure: 200 Bar. Flow Rate L/Min - L/H: 15 - 900. Power: 7.5 Hp.

    1 498,00 €

  • Valve brake Hawe LHK 33 G 11350

    Valve brake Hawe LHK 33 G 11350

    Working pressure Pmax.: 400 bar. Flow rate Qmax.: 100 l/min.

    349,05 €

  • Valve antirrotura Hawe LB 1 G

    Valve antirrotura Hawe LB 1 G

    Valve for screw. Operating pressure Pmax.: 550 bar. Flow rate Qmax.: 250 l/min. Areas of application: - Vehicles of transport and lifting of goods. - Forklifts. - Cranes.

    36,60 €

  • Pressure switch DG 365

    Pressure switch DG 365

    The pressure switches open or close an electrical contact with a pressure defined previously. An electrical signal starts or ends another operation as soon as you have reached the pressure: Properties and advantages: - Compact design. - Possibility of integration into the modular system of HAWE. Areas of application: - Hydraulic systems in general. - Machine - tool.

    102,65 €

  • Board metaloplástica Ø 1"1/2

    Board metaloplástica Ø 1"1/2

    Washer metal / rubber Ø in inch, inch, stainless, metric, and metric stainless. Price per unit.

    4,35 €

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Non-return valve, pilot operated in-line RH V HAWE

Non-return valve pilotaco in line with decompression.

Operating pressure Pmax.: 700 bar.

Flow rate Qmax.: 160 l/min.

More details...

Availability : In stock, usually dispatched in one working day

213,35 €


without decompression



Pmax. (Bar)



Qmax. (L/min)

RH3VRH-3-V500 bar0.3 bar551/2"1/4"
RH4VRH-4 V1003/4"
RH5VRH-5 V1601"

The non-return valves with unlocking hydraulic belong to the group of the valves of blocking. Block one or both of the pipelines of consumer-hydraulic or serve as a valve for emptying or venting actuated hydraulically.

The one-way valve of the type RH is watertight without any leakage of oil when it is closed. Is available with decompression. A decompression suppresses the blows of relaxation that can occur when the pressure is high and the volume of the consumer is high.

Properties and advantages:

- Pressures up to 700 bar.

- With prior discharge for seamless switching.

Areas of application:

- Locking of the hydraulic cylinder without leakage of oil.


Denomination: non-return Valve, with unlock.

Type of construction: Valve seat ball under spring pressure, without oil recovery.

Constructively: on-line Connection.

Material: steel Ball for bearings. Steel; valve box galvanized; components funcionalesinteriores temperate rectified.

Mounting position: Indistinct.

Hydraulic fluid: hydraulic Oil: according to DIN 51524 PART 1 to 3; iso vg 10 TO 68 ACCORDING to din iso 3448: Margin of viscosity: min. ca. 4; max. ca. 1,500 mm2/s. Also suitable for hydraulic fluids biodegradable of the type HEPG (polialquilenglicol) and HEES (synthetic ester) at operating temperatures of up to approx. +70ºC.

Purity class: ISO 4406 (21/18/15...19/17/13)

Temperatures: Ambient: approx. -40 ... + 80 ° C, Oil: -25 ... +80 ° C, pay attention to the margin of viscosity. Allow a start temperature of up to -40ºC (pay attention to the viscosity) when the final temperature constant in the service of a subsequent is, as a minimum, higher at 20K. Hydraulic fluids biodegradable: Observe the data of the manufacturers. Not exceeding +70ºC when taking into account the compatibility of the gaskets.





A, BZmm
RH 3 V1/2"10036.53132
RH 4 V3/4"1/4"1264535.541
RH 5 V1"143523846

Mode of operation

With decompression

In the versions with decompression there is a piston valve grinding spherically function (seat valve) with a small non-return valve, ball built-in place of the ball. This piston is opened with force to the unlock even before the opening, and releases a cross-section of strangulation. This results in a decompression without bumps in the volume of consumer. These valves are mainly used when operating pressures are high and the volume of consumer is large. The decompression is more effective the lower the opening speed of the piston of control. This effect can be enhance with elements stranglers additional in the control tubing.

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