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Pressure relief valve type MVG

Directly controlled.

Service pressure pmax: 700 bar.

Flow rate Qmax: 8 l/min.

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The pressure-relief valves belong to the group of pressure valves. The pressure-relief valves to avoid exceeding the maximum pressure permitted in the system. The valve sequence can generate a pressure difference constant between the inlet and outlet of the flow rate.

The type MV is a valve controlled directly which is cushioned series. For the operative relations have a special offer also variants without damping.


Properties and advantages:


■ Operating pressures up to 700 bar.

■ Various adjustment possibilities.

■ Multiple designs.


Areas of application:


■ Hydraulic systems in general.

■ Test benches.

■ Hydraulic tools.



Base model and size: MVG 14 H.


Pressure range (bar): 10 ... 400.


Flow rate (l/min): 8.


Connection type: Valve for online connection: Connection P = G¼.


Brief description: Valve to a direction of flow (direction of work).



Pressure adjustment

■ No indication of pressure occurs the factory default setting in MV.. 14 H to 400 bar.


Designation pressure relief Valve.


Design seat Valve with conical.


Constructively , according to type.


Material Steel; valve box nitrurada in gas, nut, sealing and connection block galvanized, functional components indoor hardened and ground.

Steel balls for bearings.

Steel; valve box nitrurada in gas, interior components functional temperate, rectified.


Mounting position indistinct.


Hydraulic fluid hydraulic Oil: according to DIN 51524 part 1 - 3;

ISO VG 10 to 68 according to DIN ISO 3448

Margin of viscosity: min. ca. 4; max. ca. 1500 mm2/s

Optimum service: ca. 10 ... 500 mm2/s

Also suitable for hydraulic fluids biodegradable of the type HEPG (polialquilenglicol)

and HEES (synthetic ester) at operating temperatures of up to approx. +70°C.


Purity class to ISO 4406



Temperatures Ambient: approx. -40 ... +80°C Oil: -25 ... +80°C, pay attention to the margin of viscosity

Allowed a start temperature down to -40°C (pay attention to the viscosity) when the final temperature constant in the service of a subsequent is, as a minimum, higher at 20K.

Hydraulic fluids biodegradable: Observe the manufacturer's data. Not to exceed +70°C if one takes into account the compatibility of the gaskets.


Mounting instructions, operation and maintenance

Regulatory use

This valve has been exclusively designed for uses hydraulic (technical fluid).

The valve requires strict rules and technical requirements in terms of safety for the technique of fluids.

The user must follow the safety measures and warnings that appear in this documentation.


The indispensable requirements for the product to work without problems or risks:

– Observe all the information contained in this documentation. This applies in particular to all the safety measures and warnings.

– The product must only be mounted and commissioned by qualified specialists.

– The product should only be used within the technical parameters specified. The technical parameters are represented in detail in this documentation.

– In addition, always follow the instructions of use of the complete installation in question.

If the product can no longer be used safely:

1. Put the product out of service and to identify it properly.

✓In such a case no longer allows you to continue using the product.


5.2 mounting instructions


The product should only be mounted in the installation complete with elements of union standards which are customary in the market (fittings, flexible tubes, pipes...).

Put the power unit (especially when it comes to plants with pressure accumulators) out of service as prescribed prior to disassembly.

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