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Loctite ® 242 to fastener nuts 250 gr

LOCTITE ® 242 to Fastener threads medium strength.

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The fasteners of thread LOCTITE prevents the autoaflojamiento and ensure any screws threaded against vibrations and impacts. Are liquid products that fill the gap between the fillets of the thread. Used for the assembly elements threaded fasteners, thread LOCTITE, ensure the installation of permanent form, while also removing the corrosion by rubbing, creating a solidarity union between the parties.

The fasteners of thread LOCTITE are far superior to the methods of fixing mechanical traditional:

Mechanical devices, for example, pins, washers: only used to prevent the loss of nuts and bolts.

Devices of friction: added elasticity and/or increase friction but will not ensure permanent fixation under dynamic loads.

Fastening devices, as screws with head toothed and ribbed, nuts, and washers: they prevent the loosening, but are expensive and need a larger surface area under the head, also can damage the surfaces. The fasteners of thread LOCTITE are adhesives one-pack liquid and semi-solid. Cure at room temperature forming a plastic thermoset solid and hard when applied between surfaces of steel, aluminum, brass and many other metals. Cured in the absence of air. The adhesive fills completely the gaps between the threads to lock threads and joints.

Advantages of the fasteners of thread LOCTITE in comparison with the fastening devices mechanical traditional:

- Avoid unwanted movements, loosening, leaks and corrosion.

- Resist the vibrations.

- A single product, clean and easy to apply.

- Can be used in tornillerías of all sizes, reduce inventory costs.

- Seal threads, to allow you to make through-holes.

Medium resistance:

Removable with hand tools, although it is more difficult than with the previous. It is ideal for machinery and presses, pumps and compressors, mounting bolts, gear boxes, for thread sizes up to M80.

Technical data:

Color: Blue

Fluorescence: Yes

Maximum size of thread: up to M36

Resistance: medium

Couple of broken bolts M10: 11,5 Nm

Range thermal operating range: -55°C - +150°C

Tixotropía: Yes

Capacity: 250ml

  • Thermal range -55°C - +150°C
  • Resistance Media
  • Capacity 250ml

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