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  • DIGITAL VERTICAL GAGUE ø 70 1/4" 0-480 BAR

    DIGITAL VERTICAL GAGUE ø 70 1/4" 0-480 BAR

    Vertical digital gauge with possibility of selecting the pressure unit from a wide range.

    251,90 €

  • High-pressure cleaner cold water 150 bar

    High-pressure cleaner cold water 150 bar

    Washer is semi-professional. Type: Cold Water. Pressure: 150 Bar. Flow Rate L/Min: 9. Engine: Electric. Power: 3.5 Hp.  

    598,00 €

  • High-pressure cleaner hot water 200 bar

    High-pressure cleaner hot water 200 bar

    High-pressure cleaner professional. Type: Hot Water. Pressure: 200 Bar. Flow Rate L/Min: 15. Engine: Electric. Engine power: 7.5 Hp.  

    2 995,00 €

  • High-pressure cleaner cold water 200 bar

    High-pressure cleaner cold water 200 bar

    High-pressure cleaner professional. High pressure pump industrial. Type: Cold Water. Pressure: 200 Bar. Flow Rate L/Min - L/H: 15 - 900. Power: 7.5 Hp.

    1 498,00 €

  • Valve brake Hawe LHK 33 G 11350

    Valve brake Hawe LHK 33 G 11350

    Working pressure Pmax.: 400 bar. Flow rate Qmax.: 100 l/min.

    349,05 €

  • Valve antirrotura Hawe LB 1 G

    Valve antirrotura Hawe LB 1 G

    Valve for screw. Operating pressure Pmax.: 550 bar. Flow rate Qmax.: 250 l/min. Areas of application: - Vehicles of transport and lifting of goods. - Forklifts. - Cranes.

    36,60 €

  • Pressure switch DG 365

    Pressure switch DG 365

    The pressure switches open or close an electrical contact with a pressure defined previously. An electrical signal starts or ends another operation as soon as you have reached the pressure: Properties and advantages: - Compact design. - Possibility of integration into the modular system of HAWE. Areas of application: - Hydraulic systems in general. - Machine - tool.

    102,65 €

  • Board metaloplástica Ø 1"1/2

    Board metaloplástica Ø 1"1/2

    Washer metal / rubber Ø in inch, inch, stainless, metric, and metric stainless. Price per unit.

    4,35 €

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Tube, air-conditioned Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat

Original reference: 6Q0820741D

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126,60 €

SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.2 47KW10.2002-06.2006
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.2-12V 51KW05.2006-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.4-16V 55KW09.2002-12.2007
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.4-16V 74KW10.2002-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.4-16V 63KW05.2006-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.4 TDI 55KW10.2002-12.2005
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.4 TDI 51KW05.2005-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.4 TDI 59KW06.2005-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.6 74KW04.2003-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.6 16V 77KW11.2006-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.9 SDI 47KW09.2002-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.9 TDI 96KW10.2002-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)1.9 TDI 74KW09.2002-11.2009
SEATCORDOBA (6L2)2.0 85KW09.2002-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.2 47KW02.2002-06.2006
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.2 44KW06.2007-05.2008
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.2 12V 51KW05.2006-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.4 16V 74KW02.2002-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.4 16V 55KW02.2002-12.2007
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.4 16V 63KW05.2002-12.2005
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.4 TDI 55KW05.2005-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.4 TDI 51KW06.2005-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.4 TDI 59KW06.2005-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.6 74KW02.2003-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.6 16V 77KW11.2006-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.8 T CUPRA R 132KW01.2004-02.2008
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.8 T FR 110KW12.2003-05.2008
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.9 SDI 47KW02.2002-12.2005
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.9 TDI 96KW02.2002-11.2009
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)1.9 TDI CUPRA R 118KW03.2004-02.2008
SEATIBIZA IV (6L1)2.0 85KW04.2002-11.2009
SKODAFABIA1.2 44KW12.2006-...
SKODAFABIA1.2 51KW01.2007-...
SKODAFABIA1.4 63KW01.2007-...
SKODAFABIA1.4 TDI 51KW02.2007-...
SKODAFABIA1.4 TDI 59KW01.2007-...
SKODAFABIA1.6 77KW04.2007-...
SKODAFABIA1.9 TDI 77KW04.2007-...
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.0 37KW12.1999-08.2002
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.2 40KW08.2002-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.2 47KW01.2003-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.4 50KW08.1999-05.2003
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.4 44KW08.2000-08.2002
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.4 16V 74KW12.1999-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.4 16V 55KW12.1999-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.4 TDI 55KW04.2003-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.4 TDI 51KW10.2005-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.4 TDI 59KW10.2005-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.9 SDI 47KW12.1999-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)1.9 TDI RS 96KW06.2003-03.2008
SKODAFABIA (6Y2)2.0 85KW12.1999-03.2008
SKODAFABIA COMBI1.2 51KW10.2007-...
SKODAFABIA COMBI1.2 44KW10.2007-...
SKODAFABIA COMBI1.4 63KW10.2007-...
SKODAFABIA COMBI1.2 44KW10.2007-...
SKODAFABIA COMBI1.4 63KW10.2007-...
SKODAFABIA COMBI1.6 77KW10.2007-...
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.0 37KW11.2000-08.2002
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.2 47KW01.2003-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.2 40KW07.2001-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.4 50KW04.2000-05.2003
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.4 44KW04.2000-03.2003
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.4 16V 55KW05.2000-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.4 16V 74KW04.2000-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.4 16V 59KW04.2006-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.4 TDI 55KW04.2003-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.4 TDI 51KW10.2005-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.4 TDI 59KW10.2005-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.9 SDI 47KW04.2000-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)1.9 TDI 74KW04.2000-12.2007
SKODAFABIA COMBI (6Y5)2.0 85KW04.2000-12.2007
SKODAFABIA PRAKTIK1.2 47KW01.2003 - 2.2007
SKODAFABIA PRAKTIK1.2 40KW07.2001-12.2007
SKODAFABIA PRAKTIK1.4 50KW07.2001-05.2003
SKODAFABIA PRAKTIK1.4 TDI 51KW10.2005-12.2007
SKODAFABIA PRAKTIK1.9 SDI 47KW07.2001-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.0 37KW11.2000-08.2002
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.2 47KW01.2003-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.2 40KW07.2001-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.4 50KW07.2001-05.2003
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.4 44KW04.2000-08.2002
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.4 16V 55KW10.1999-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.4 16V 74KW12.1999-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.4 16V 59KW04.2006-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.4 TDI 55KW04.2003-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.4 TDI 51KW10.2005-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.4 TDI 59KW10.2005-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.9 SDI 47KW11.1999-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)1.9 TDI 74KW01.2000-12.2007
SKODAFABIA SEDAN (6Y3)2.0 85KW12.1999-12.2007
SKODAROOMSTER (5J)1.2 47KW05.2006-01.2007
SKODAROOMSTER (5J)1.2 51KW01.2007-...
SKODAROOMSTER (5J)1.4 63KW09.2006-...
SKODAROOMSTER (5J)1.4 TDI 51KW07.2006-03.2010
SKODAROOMSTER (5J)1.4 TDI 59KW09.2006-03.2010
SKODAROOMSTER (5J)1.6 77KW09.2006-...
SKODAROOMSTER (5J)1.9 TDI 74KW03.2006-05.2006
SKODAROOMSTER (5J)1.9 TDI 77KW09.2006-03.2010
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.2 40KW01.2002-05.2007
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.2 44KW05.2007-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.2 12V 47KW10.2001-07.2007
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.2 12V 51KW05.2007-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.4 63KW06.2005-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.4 16V 55KW10.2001-05.2008
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.4 16V 74KW10.2001-05.2008
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.4 16V 59KW05.2006-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.4 FSI 63KW02.2002-07.2006
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.4 TDI 55KW10.2001-06.2005
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.4 TDI 59KW04.2005-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.4 TDI 51KW04.2005-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.6 74KW08.2002-05.2005
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.6 16V 77KW05.2006-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.6 FLEX 74KW06.2008-04.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.8 GTI 110KW09.2005-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.8 GTI CUP EDITION 132KW05.2006-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.9 SDI 47KW10.2001-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.9 TDI 74KW10.2001-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO (9N_)1.9 TDI 96KW11.2003-11.2009
VOLKSWAGENPOLO SEDAN (9A4)1.4 55KW07.2003-...
VOLKSWAGENPOLO SEDAN (9A4)1.4 74KW11.2003-...
VOLKSWAGENPOLO SEDAN (9A4)1.6 74KW09.2002-...

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