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High and low valve type NE HAWE

High and low valve type NE HAWE

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HAWE high and low valves are used in hydraulic systems, powered by two stage pumps (high pressure / low pressure pumps). Combine the two pumps to the common form of the circuit pressure, low pressure switch of the non-pressurized circulation stage when reaching a certain low pressure value and safeguard of the two pumps from exceeding the set of high / low pressure of values. They are used in conjunction with 3/3 - or 4/3 directional tail valves to control preferably hydraulic cylinders. Bottom-ram presses or single-acting hydraulic cylinders with dead weight or independent traverse return (return springs) are conveniently controlled by the switch from CR units to according to brochure 7150.

Design: Combinations of ball-type seat check valves incorporating ball-type seat and piston pressure limiting valves.

Pipe connection: HP and Un: Series S threaded pipe connections DIN 2353 / ISO 8434-1.

NP e R: L Series threaded pipe connections, DIN 2353 / ISO 8434-.

Mounting position: Any

Fluid pressure: Hydraulic oil according to DIN 51524 part 1 of 3: ISO VG 10 to 68 according to DIN 51519. Viscosity limits: min. approx. 4, max. approx. 1500 mm2 / s, opt. operation approx. 10 ... 500 mm2 / s. It is also suitable for the pressure degradation of HEPG (Polyalkylenglycol) and HEES (Synthesizer. Ester) types at operating temperatures up to approx. + 70 ° C. Temperature: Ambient: approx. -40 ... +80 ° C; Fluid: -25 ... +80 ° C; note the viscosity range! Allowable temperature during start-up: -40 ° C (Viscosity start note!), While the service temperature is at least 20K higher for the next operation. Biological degradable pressure fluids: Note the manufacturer's specifications. By examination of the compatibility with the sealing material not more than + 70 ° C.

Rear pressure adjustment

Do not make any subsequent adjustments to the pressure settings without checking the pressure with a pressure gauge! The pressure setting values per revolution or per millimeter of length in the spindle configuration are only approximate values to give a rough indication of the desired operating position. Caution: For the perfect operation of the low pressure switch-over circuits, take care that the high pressure setting must always be above the low pressure setting. This also applies when, for example, the hydraulic installation is not initially to operate at the planned high pressure. Before adjusting the low pressure setting, always check the high pressure setting with a pressure gauge to make sure it is above the low pressure setting!

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