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Flexible filler KINTSUGLUE Loctite

Kintsuglue is a flexible filler created to repair, rebuild, protect and improve nearly all materials, even the more flexible.

Colors: White and black

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1.- Take the product with clean hands and make sure that all surface are clean, free of dust and grease.

2.- Molded Kintsuglue for 10 seconds, and give it the shape you want before applying it.

3.- Applies Kintsuglue to the surface that you want to paste or to protect. You will have up to 30 minutes of makeup for a perfect finish before it starts to cure. Drying time total 24h.


Repairs headphones are broken: The flexibility of the putty will allow you to continue using the cable with no problems. Simply mould the putty around the damaged cable.

Reconstructs a zipper: If your zipper breaks, it gives the feeling that the object is no longer useful. But with Kintsuglue you can rebuild for you to leave as new.

Protects your mobile: Protect your mobile from shock. Kintsuglue resists to shocks, if you drop it.

Build a fob: Unleash your imagination, with Kintsuglue you'll be able to create all the objects that you can imagine, how a keychain!

Repair the control: The soft touch of Kintsuglue, allows to repair the remote to your console, so that it is equal or better than the original, and so you'll be able to keep winning every game.

Rebuilt the laptop Kintsuglue has a non-slip finish that works perfectly to protect your laptop from scratch and displacement.

Protects the equine: Avoid shock upset against the horse of the furniture, protecting them with Kintsuglue.

Improves the handle of the cube: The caulk has a soft touch and adds extra comfort to any handle. Carry a bucket will be much easier.

Reconstructs the suitcase: once cured, Kintsuglue has a strong finish, perfect to protect or repair your bag, so you can continue to travel the world.

Reconstructs the cover: Kintsuglue is water-resistant and shockproof. It is the ideal solution to enhance the lid of the toilet that makes a lot of noise, or to repair broken parts.

Protects a cable: The flexibility of the putty, will give a second life to the bare wire. Simply mould the putty around the cable.

Create a guide cable: Organize the cables of your desktop by creating a guide with Kintsuglue. Mould the putty in the shape of a ball with space for the cable.


- Always flexible

- Strong

- Water-resistant

- Moldable

- Resistant to temperatures

- Soft

- Removable

- Over-paintable

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