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Pump with engine 2CV type F2

Pump single or three phase model F2.

Coupled with a flange and sleeve to the engine 2CV.

Working pressure in three-phase, 7 to 10 Bar.

Pressure of work in phase 2 to 4 Bar.

Flow rate at 1450 RPM, 49 L/M.

Max. temperature 250º.

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785,20 €


The gear pumps of the Type F is characterized by its high quality and refined materials, with an extraordinary adjustment of its elements, provides us with a pump of high performance, both in the racking, as in the pumping of non-oxidizing, low viscosity (oils, fuel oil, derivatives petroquimicos...) at low and medium pressure.


Lifting and transshipment of oils in general, both mineral and vegetable, gas oils, petroleum, fuel-oil burners, networks of lubrication, cooling and lubrication in machine tools, hydraulic drives of constant flow rate and, in general, any viscous without solid particles in suspension.

The pumps of the Series Type F are characterized by:

- High level of setting accuracy, suitable with oils and fluids of light to medium viscosity.

- Lid equipped with by-pass valve safety.
- Bushings of rolling high-performance.
- Smooth operation and quiet, which allows you to attach it to a wide range of engines of 4, 6 or 8 poles, forming a compact group monoblock.
-Compatible according to ATEX.

Optionally, you can provide special executions, as well as the application of thermal treatments and/or surface for particular uses.

The design of this pump makes it suitable for working up to a maximum of 1450 rpm at 50 Hz or 1670 rpm 60 Hz with fluids up to 350 cSt (eq. SAE 120). For viscosities higher, you should adapt the speed of the same, using an engine of 6 or 8 poles and even gearbox, or, in the case of viscosity very high, use the model Type To, that has a design optimized for maximum flow at lower revs.

With the mechanical seal standard, the maximum temperature of the liquid at bottling is up to 150°. With a close-cooled we can use the pump in a temperature range higher. The model with close packing is suitable for transport of liquids up to 250° C.

The maximum pressure for use in service in the standard model would be 12 bar. Optionally, the pump can be prepared to work up to pressures of 20 bar.

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