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Electric oil pump VERSA 3 Bijur Delimon (Lubrimonsa)

Electric oil pump VERSA 3 model. Volumetric system (PDI), 4 L plastic tank, flow 216 cc / min, pressure 31 bar, 230 VAC single-phase motor.

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The VERSA III group is perfectly adapted to the use of volumetric oil dispensers. It consists of a gear motor pump unit and a translucent plastic tank equipped with a minimum level control. When installed with a 2-liter tank, it can be equipped with a double timer to regulate the cycle frequencies. When installed with a 4-liter tank, it can be equipped with an electronic module that allows autonomous operation, offering comprehensive system control (cycle management, oil level control and operating pressure).


Once put under tension, the motor pump group causes the pressure increase in the general pipeline. The engine stop is determined by an integrated pressure switch. A valve ensures decompression of the general pipeline at the end of the cycle. In the 2-liter version, the VERSA III group can be delivered with or without a double timer (based on time). In the 4-liter version, the VERSA III group can be delivered with or without electronic module (time-based or cycle-based).


In the event of use with an electronic programming module, the lubrication control and the fault display is carried out by means of an LED display. Low level and under pressure faults can be exploited using relays. These signals can be used by a control cabinet or a PLC.

Lubrication intervals adjustable by the user.

- Cycle based: 10 to 220,000 cycles in 10 cycle increments (4 liter tank only).

- Time Based: 5 to 780 minutes in 1 minute increments.

- Electric motor: single-phase, dual-voltage, equipped with thermal protection. 110/220 V 50/60 Hz 170 W max.

- Tank capacity: 2 and 4 liters.

- Electric level control: 230 V max.

- Disconnection capacity: 40 VA.

- Electric pressure control: 250 V max.

- Disconnection capacity: 5 A max.

- Pump flow: 125 cm³ / min (at 50 Hz).

- Safety valve: set at 16 bar.

- Discharge pressure: 20 bar.

- Operating temperature: 5º C to 40º C.

- Lubricants used: mineral oils.

- Viscosity at service temperature: from 20 to 400 cSt (L version) from 300 to 1500 cSt (standard version).

- Other lubricants: consult.

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