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Maxigras Complex EP 400 ml

Lubricating grease.

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4,30 €


- Ensures economical maintenance by reducing costs for mechanical or lubrication interventions.

- High protection and service life, even in very aggressive environments.

- Service temperature from -30ºC to +160ºC (-22ºF to +320ºF), with peaks of +180ºC (+356ºF) (in static or low revolutions).

- Superior anti-wear protection, excellent Extreme Pressure (EP) capability.

- The complex thickener technology allows the grease adhering to the rolling elements to remain fluid, while the rest forms a protective "screen" preventing the action of external contaminants (dust, moisture, etc.).

- Its advanced formulation also prevents the hardening suffered by conventional greases.

- Oxidation resistant, shear stable, anti-corrosion and anti-wear protection.

- Stable against mechanical work and vibrations, even in the presence of water contamination.


- Transport vehicles (Fleets, Public Works, Mining...) due to its excellent performance in wheel hubs, electric brakes..., allowing more than 100,000 Km. without regreasing.

- Mechanical elements operating at high temperature.

- Plain and anti-friction bearings.

- Cams, guides and slow sliding elements requiring high adherence at high temperature.

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