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Pressure regulating valve type CDM

Hydraulically piloted pressure regulating valve.

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554,65 €

Pressure regulating valves belong to the group of pressure valves. They keep the outlet pressure practically constant even when the inlet pressure is variable (higher). The VDM type pressure regulating valve is hydraulically piloted. These valves have a saturation compensation when, for example, the secondary pressure exceeds the set value due to the action of external forces, and then acts as a pressure limiting valve. For constructive reasons there is a recovery oil flow.

Properties and advantages:

■ Integrated overpressure function.

■ Different regulation possibilities.

■ Various additional functions.

Areas of application:

■ Hydraulic systems in general.

■ Devices.

■ Test bench.


Hydraulically piloted valve.

Operating pressure Pmax: 500 bar

Flow Qmax: 80 l / min

Pipe connection: Mounting on Ø13 plate.

Pressure range:

- Adjustment range for outlet pressure: 10 ... 400 Bar.

- Max filling pressure: 400 Bar.

- Pressure difference max. between filling pressure and outlet pressure: 300 Bar.

It is regulated manually.

Design: Ball seat valve.

Construction: Screw-in valve, valve for in-line connection, plate-mounted valve.

Material: Steel, gas nitrided valve housing, hardened and ground internal functional components.

Mounting position: Indistinct.

Connections: P = pressurized oil inlet (pump).

Hydraulic fluid: Hydraulic oil according to DIN 51 524 parts 1 - 3; ISO VG 10 to 68 according to DIN 51 519.

Viscosity range: min. AC. 4;

Optimal service: max. approx. 1500 mm2 / s.

Also suitable for biodegradable hydraulic fluids of the type HEPG (polyalkylene glycol) and HEES (synthetic ester) at operating temperatures approx. up to + 70ºC.

Cleanliness class ISO 4406: 21/18/15 ... 19/17/13.

Temperatures: Ambient: approx. -40 ... + 80 ° C, Oil: -25 ... + 80 ° C, pay attention to the viscosity range.

Allowable start-up temperature down to -40 ° C (pay attention to viscosities) when constant end temperature in subsequent service is at least 20K higher.

Biodegradable hydraulic fluids: Observe the manufacturer's data. Not higher than + 70 ° C if the compatibility of the seals is taken into account.

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